Program Management

Allow Users to Copy Submissions


If you want to manage the possibility of applicants to enter a submission into more than one category, there are three options to control that.

STEP 1: View your programs

Starting from your dashboard, find and click on the Programs tab on the left side navigation bar.

STEP 2: Find and click on Settings across from the program name
  • Find your program on the list of programs that appears in the center of your screen.

  • Click on Settings.
STEP 3: Configure Applicant Settings

Find the Applicant Settings section near the center of the form, and click on the Configure link, in blue.

STEP 4 [option 1]: Allow Users to Copy Submissions
  • If you choose Disabled in the radio button group, the multicategory submissions will be turned off.
  • Choose Allow Users to Copy Submissions option to let the applicant to re-submit his entry to another category of his/her choice.
  • You can also add a checkbox on the submission form that will ask the applicant if they want to submit to multiple categories. To do so, check Show checkbox to submit to another category and enter the text to show next to the checkbox. 
  • Click Save to apply changes.
STEP 4 [option 2]: Allow Users to Select Multiple Categories to Submissions
  • Select Allow Users to Select Multple Categories to Submissions to offer the applicant all available categories in the form of a checkbox list and allow him/her to select as many as they need.
  • Click Save to apply changes.